Tuesday, February 09, 2016


The Flexible Irrigation System

    1. Quality: Only Prime resins are used for consistently high quality product.

    2. Service: Over 30 years experience. We will give you the customer service and technical support you need.

    3. Adaptability: Used to irrigate any crop or for water transfer.

    4. Installation: No special equipment is needed.

    5. Conservation of Water: Saves 25-40 percent depending on distance water travels.

    6. Conservation of Energy: Can be used in a pump or gravity feed system.

    7. Cost Effective: Purchasing new tubing each year is less expensive than the interest on other irrigation systems.

    8. Reparability: Easy to splice in new pieces if damage occurs.

    9. Packaging: Product is packaged for protection as well as ease of handling.

    10. Life expectancy: Tubing is guaranteed for 1 year and typically lasts up to 2 years. Gate valves last typically 4 to 6 years.

Shipping Matters!

When you receive your product, you expect it to work as hard as you do. We use quality shipping materials to insure your product arrives undamaged and ready to work.

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Quality Product

Our product is tough and designed for the demanding needs of the working farm. Flexible, adaptable and efficient, no matter what your application.

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We look forward discussing your unique applications. We work with large and small clients alike addressing their wide range needs. Contact us today!

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